They should have rather large sizes, mtdblock8 is your internal media storage and avnftli is your internal system storage. Posted 22 April – Posted 29 April – NovoHerov1 official stock Novo Hero-mod v1. According to the Google translation from China – if you come with a tablet with the firmware v2 – you must first download and flash again v2, and after sewing

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If we want a multitier, then we sew this: If you missed that you probably missed other stuff. Link to Post – Made on the basis of the official firmware from Ainol – Cut out all Chinese garbage, unnecessary libraries, applications, sounds, etc. It’s basically the software based strep of the pdf guide.

See his thread here. Do not use files from other firmware versions. You currently have javascript disabled. Make sure you have the right partition names. Pull out the USB flash drive 7.

[HOW TO] Unbrick your Ainol Hero

How to enter recovery recovery 1. On another note, I’ve updated the Hero mediafire link with a rescue image and two zip files, one with all the sd rescue files for and another for Sometimes you may be using the correct TWRP but will still get these ainlo.


What’s wrong, why the mistake – I still do not understand. It flashes TWRP to your tablet so you can boot into it and do things like manually write the image partitions back to the device, like I think is described in the Hero unbricking pdf guide.

Chot I’m confused already.

Several functions may not work. So, since this is rather complicated, you probably shouldn’t do it if you don’t know how and I can’t really write up a “how to” or guide at the moment.

Ainol Novo 10 Hero II Inch Quad Core Tablet PC Dual Camera WIFI HDMI 16GB

Firmware Problems Firmware – Auto-rotate is not working correctly. Select ‘update zip from sd card’ 5. In Russian In english In the archive, there is also an instruction, but there is an outdated version.

If WiFi is turned on, then the tablet will not go adg a deep sleep, which will cause a big battery voracity.

Ainol Novo10 Hero Dual Core Tablet PC 10.1 Inch Dual Camera HDMI Bluetooth WIFI 16GB

Put the her in the root of the flash drive. It should like something like this but if it’s messed up it probably won’t have any info on the last line: Posted 20 April – Turn off the device. Can be taken here In rekoveri use 3 wipes before installing ROM.


Watch Skype itself hereIn the section “Past versions” ehro Screenshots. Do this to format avnftli if you need to: The conclusion from all of the above: The main tasks are filling the topic’s head and keeping it up-to-date, monitoring the observance of forum rules in the topic.

If you have trouble with the SD card, read through the Crystal Unbricking thread for trouble shooting tips. The archive already has CWM recovery files and the firmware itself. Very handy that you posted this on the exact day I managed to hard brick my Hero!

It does not do any sort of recovery nor even turn on the backlight so it is effectively back at the hard brick state of the start. I’ll look, cho as. We need only adb. But when i then put a newer firmware including the recovery files onto the root of my sd and reboot pwr and – volumei only get green droid logo restart loops.

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