First i made all PnkBstr. This is not how a legit program should be acting as nothing should be changing my system settings when only I have rights to those files. No i am still getting kicked useing RC x64 ,i have tried every fix out there i think. Jurgen Klopp brings up Arsenal disallowed goal after Fulham have. Only problem my laptop overheats after 20 minutes and shuts down. Did the same for the PnkbstrB entrie first it wasnt there but i exported the PnkbstrA entrie, manually changed it and merged it to the registry, maybe you have to do the same and rebooted. Copy paste this into notepad rename to punkbstrfix.

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Call of Duty 2 Disallowed program driver []

Nothing seems to work. I ran every fix suggested on this page and disaklowed worked, but strangely after I turned UAC off, I have played for three days-several hours at a time with no kicks. It did not work. Change these two to run as Administrator and then run CoD4 as normal without changing the services as you have done.

Hope this works for you, post back if it does, it certainly did for me! No failure in the API or driver crashes. Take Survey No, Thanks. However, by doing so you remove that level of security it offers. I reinstalled PB and manually updated it, per the instructions at http: Ill keep playing and come back with disalloweed it works. This post is for the windows 7 64Bit ultimate version. Got the same error on Win 7 x64 Build I have Windows 7 64bit and I played CoD5 many weeks without any prob.


We are working with the punk buster to make sure they have a supported version. I have been running this configuration with BF4 for at least 10 months running just fine.

I merely installed bit W7 Ultimate.

Well I am running a 64 bit version of windows 7 with the new Nvidia drivers and punkbuster still boots me. Good luck Brian Madsen, we need your help lol. This is doing my head in, tried all of these and it still wont work on 64bit RC release of Win7. This is not how a legit program should be acting as nothing should be changing my system settings when only I have rights to those files.

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Posted January 3, Not every state or county follows the same protocol for who makes the call, she said. The signatures are ppb from their master servers when a player connects.

OK i tried your fix and i get nothing, are you running anything in compatibility mode or anything like that, also i have cod4 on steam, i wonder if that is the difference please let me know Thanks, Anthony. Tried all recent Nvidia drivers.


Her father was a bus driver who became a lift operator having suffered from.

Windows 7 Punkbuster fix – Living with technology

Message 7 of 61 37, Views. I have done everything twice, still dont work API kick codwaw 1. Yeah any confirmed fixes here? I actually found the Activision Directory in my C drive, from there I right clicked on it and hit properties for the folder.

It seems that the problem might be down to directx, because I was playing CoD2 earlier. But other than that i just played for two hours and it worked great.

I just used that install stuff on the PB website… progra,/driver it works. Copy paste this into notepad rename to punkbstrfix. There are a couple of PB enabled servers that do not kick for the API crap…They are far and few between but they do exist.

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