These is no water damage involved as mine was fine this morning, and now in the afternoon after light use and sitting on my desk, my 2nd phone now is doin the same thing again. Categories Recent Discussions Activity. Great review and this mobile device really looks cool. Is there any way to connect your phone to a PC? Nine Girl Scouts are going to be very disappointed in me if I can’t get it back. It looks like you’re new here. Wanna really keep up with me?

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Guys, I think if someone does do this, it will take them some time. It looks like you’re new here. The LG linu Touch is a large communicator style clamshell phone with dual 3-inch, x pixel displays.

We’ll all welcome it if it happens of course, but this sort of thing takes awhile. Did anyone ever figure out what this is? Once you get BITPIM to recognize the phone, you can try these instructions to find deleted photos on your phone and undelete them. I think I’ve figured out what happened. You are commenting using your WordPress. March 9, at I could not get the detailed specs about the ENV Touch hardware but that would be most useful in this situation before i plan to proceed.


[Q] Bootload Android 1.6 on LG enV Touch?

The keys have a nice solid feel to them, however, and people should adapt to the keyboard pretty quickly. Enter your E-mail address to keep up with the craziness!

Hahahah Just wondering because i’ve messed with modding mobile devices OS’s before pg I’d want it to be worth it. You can see it in all its glory in our videos. That’s software that is used for hacking CDMA phones, such as yours.

Notify me of new comments via email. With a great deal of rumors pointing towards the tight connection between the two, it remains to be seen is when Verizon would be announcing the DROID Pro, and what would the device be released as.

I am mainly looking for help in cracking the firmware nowadays. Nine Girl Scouts are going to be very disappointed in me if I can’t get it back.

LG enV Touch Phone Review |Real Geek

Who’s down for a couple KillConfirmed games tonight? You may have to poke around a bit to find information about how to set it up to work with your phone.

Get android OS files onto the phone lknux using the microsd card Usefull link: Even if this is possible I guarantee you would have a very ineffective device.


Blog of a Mad White Nerd Reviews, news, and excuse the massive amount of enc and rants. Maybe its possible http: As Oktober said, if you can attach the device to a PC and get it to show up as a mass storage linuc i. Twitter Ticker Just got another gift movie from Flixster!! If you can help me get this picture back, you can make all the jokes at my expense that you want!

The outside screen ultimately stops ehv. Categories All Categories 2. These guys are awesome, relevant, and worth your time. I am trying with all of my might to not make a joke here. LMK if I can do anything to help Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Verizon Officially Intros LG enV 3, enV Touch and Glance

Then they’ll get it done in a gouch. Notify me of new posts via email. An entire card full of images just randomly became “not there” on my camera – and Windows couldn’t see the card to recover from it.

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