I needed a new one so I went with the L9. The former usually features a light source and liquid crystals, while the latter is based on organic light-emitting diodes. Design Dimensions x 49 x Camera Primary Camera is able to capture photographs and usually videos, The most important characteristics of a camera are the resolution measured in megapixels , lens focus type fixed or automatic , higher megapixel cameras are known to capture higher quality photos, but not always a good measurement of the photos quality. The L2, which lacks a camera, external memory, and music features, is marketed specifically to corporate and government markets which generally prohibit their employees from using phones with the listed features. Those include the chipset in use, the software running on the device, as well as the consumer’s unique usage pattern. The T9 text remembers what type of words I use depending on the conversation and the phone knows who I text that sort of thing to and shows their names first.

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Motorola SLVR L9 Preview

Phonebook entries, Photo call. Tried to switch them on her, but she noticed right away Stereo Bluetooth is supported for wireless transfer of audio to headphones or other devices using the A2DP profile. We use UPI Assistant, so all unpaid cases are opened automatically.

Pros Small dimensions 4. Memory cards allow you to expand the phone’s built-in memory, A memory card sometimes called a flash memory card or a storage card is a small storage medium used to store data such as text, pictures, audio, and video, for use on small, portable or remote computing devices such as mobile phones, mp3 players, digital cameras. Views Read Edit View history. Screen-to-body ratio – Shows what part of the frontal area of a phone its screen occupies.


Here are the facts. The beeping can only be disabled by putting the phone in silent mode, vibrate, switching it off, or plugging it in for battery recharging. It comes in motorolx Verizon Onlyblack, and red Sprint only. Current AMOLED screens differ in such a way that they can exhibit much more saturated colors sometimes too much and incredibly motoroal contrast levels, which is due to black color being completely black in AMOLED displays.

The complete Motorola Slvr L7 list of specifications are: Internal storage – Bigger storage capacity allows you to keep more content saved onto your device, such as more applications, photos or video. A Very Basic Phone. The flap for the microSD card broke off.

Motorola SLVR L9 – Black (Unlocked) Cellular Phone

Capacity – The bigger, the better! The various model designations are for different markets and case styles. And Bluetooth-enabled technology makes uploading images to the Web, printing wirelessly or sharing them with friends and family just as easy. The Slvr L2 was introduced in Is 5G safe or dangerous? Retrieved 12 December Vibration; Downloadable polyphonic, MP3 ringtones. It is an upgrade to the L7e, with an improved camera and FM radio. The L6 held the title of the thinnest mobile phone in the UK for a short while, before being beaten by the Samsung P Messaging MMS MMS Multimedia Messaging Service is a standard way to send messages that include multimedia content audio clips, video clips and images to and from mobile phones over wireless networks using the WAP protocol.


Facebook Twitter Google plus. Smartphone Radiation Safety Helpline: More items related to this product. Similar to the original Slvr, this CDMA version offers a Sprint or Motorola music player which can hold as many songs as the size of the memory card in the phone. Motorola mobile phones Mobile phones introduced in Thanks Motorola for the Razor quality phone, How about a new operating program.

Other features of this GSM phoneinclude Java 2. The higher the number, the more detailed and good-looking the display is.

Well I really purchased this thinking that it was better than most sold mtoorola att, It’s real nice looking and has a talking read out if you cant see the display, it also has fm radio free real good sound and motlrola quality, just only one thing, if someone calls, and you don’t answer,it will go to voice mail, but if they dont leave a messege, you have no way of knowing that they called. Please feel free to ask any questions or concerns y

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