Month: May 2016

Field Team Management simplified

Field Team Management simplified

Managing field team is a cumbersome task. With the increase in smartphone usage organisation likes to leverage technology to increase their field teams productivity.

Introducing Working Day Suite, a world class mobile application crafted to address the need of field team, to enhance mobility and increase productivity.


Working Day Suite comprises of Tracker, Planner, Forms and Orders, the suite is a great solution for field workforce managers to get a visibility on their field workforce. Having visibility of each and every field workforce representatives helps the manager not only to manage the team but also to improve their performance and accomplish their task in an efficient and effective manner.

Working Day Suite is an excellent productivity tool for sales representatives, with the increase in traffic in Dar es Salaam, field workforce find it very challenging to visit customers. Organisations expects sales representatives to perform well and achieve their targets, a tool like working day suite can enhance mobility. There is no need for a sales representative to collect the datas and comeback to office and key in the information in CRM or email to their managers. Working Day Suite significantly cuts down the time sales representatives spend by filling out paperwork and end up doing administrative tasks instead of sales.

By using Working Day Suite informations are captured real time and the same has been communicated to the management instantaneously. This drastically reduces the decision making time and provides a great competitive advantage to the organisation.

Customer relationship is strengtned when sales people become more accountable for their work. Working Day Suite ensures accountability. The real time data and GPS location of filed sales force to managers keeps both of them in the same page, this enables to make quick decisions.

Need to know more, wondering whom to contact? Internalia’s Working Day Suite is in Tanzania. Talk to their African Partner Digital Waves Africa. Accountability Matters!