Month: Sep 2016

Working Day  Suite REST API: Officially Open to Customers

Working Day Suite REST API: Officially Open to Customers

A new REST API with a dedicated customers site and support community launches today


A robust ecosystem of Mobile Workforce Management Apps to improve the field team productivity depends on customers’ ability to  to get the most out of the data obtained during the workday and incorporate them into their internal processes. This is why I’m excited to announce that we have released our new WDS RESTful API, available today. We developed this API in order to offer customers a modern, easy-to-use integration method that allows for more flexibility and scalability, and increases application performance.

The feedback on this API from our customers who are participating in our beta program has been enthusiastic, especially for the clear and complete documentation we’ve provided that makes it easy to work with this API. The beta participants have written custom integrations between Working Day Suite and other applications to do some really exciting things. So far, our customers have created integrations to get Tracker locations, Forms reports, Schedule Task for Planners and Get Orders details on-the-go.


Internalia Group uses for easy-to-use documentation of our WDS REST API
So how do you get started? Read on.

Do I have access to the WDS REST API?

If you have access to the Working Day Suite product you can get access to the WDS REST API. You do not need to download anything new. You can go to Configuration-Enable REST API and automatically will set up access for your account.

Are there any additional costs for using the REST API?

No. If you have a subscription to Working Day Suite you can access the REST API. It’s possible that in time we may institute rate limits. We’ll monitor usage and keep the community informed of any changes.



Where can I read more about the REST API?

The REST API is fully documented with features, end points and data types, and you can access this information on our WDS REST API Documentation site.

Is there a Internalia Group GitHub account where I can find examples of how other developers have utilized the Working Day Suite REST API?

There is! We have a repository specifically for developing with our WDS REST API at the Internalia Group Software GitHub account.

Who do I reach out to if I have questions?

Please use our WDS REST API at the Internalia Group Software GitHub site. (Registration is required, though the site is open to anyone.) There you can read feedback from the developers who built applications for the WDS REST APIThere you can read feedback from the developers who built applications for the WDS REST API, interact with the Internalia Group WDS product managers and engineers who developed the API, and post your own questions and feedback.

As excited as we are about this launch, we’re just getting started. We will continue to add functionality to this WDS REST API based on feedback from the customers community, and we hope your team will join us in building new and awesome things with Working Day Suite.

We’re curious: Do you have an idea for an integration with Working Day Suite that you’ve wanted to build? Tell us about it in the comments!



OPTIMIZE BATTERY CONSUME AND SAVE ENERGY, being responsible with the Environment: Lower consumption, lower battery usage, lower ecological impact.

Thanks to the implementation of intelligent algorithms, the application can identify the movement of the operator; stop reporting gps locations when he makes a long stop in one place. This feature optimizes battery and data consumption is reduced by up to 60% compared to other solutions.


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New Feature Working Day Suite: Heat Map highlights the areas of greatest activity

New Feature Working Day Suite: Heat Map highlights the areas of greatest activity

mapacalorIn recent weeks we have been recalling some characteristics of the Suite Working Day’s products. Today we want to inform you that a very new functionality is now available: Heatmap.

This feature allows you to record the points where there is more activity among your workforce. All these points concentrate the most activity of the field team. This feature is available for al the products of the Suite.

We are going to explain this with case studies in each app.

FORMS: it shows you the areas where more forms have been sent. The geographical locations where reps or sales team send more information.

Case study: for technical maintenance service company: you can identify at a glance what customer consumes more resources and has more demand for care to the company.

ORDERS: it shows the areas where most orders are shipped.

Case study: a company can identify at a glance which area or which client is the one that generates more business to the company or is more profitable, which customer handles more orders.

TRACKER: it shows areas where users (reps, field team, sales force) spend more time.

You can see quickly where the activity of each rep is concentrated, or where they spend more time.

Case study: a company can identify the areas more interesting to do directed marketing actions, on one hand to increase customers, and on the other hand to retain those already has.

PLANNER: the application displays the planned areas where reps have more activity. And the geographical areas where the company plans the activities to be performed.

Case study: the company can organize best the jobs of the field team, and improve the distribution of tasks, depend on the necessities. This feature helps companies to have a great global view on the map.


It shows the geographical areas where the company has more customers. From the profile of each client  you can add gps location with coordinates or address on Google.

The map shows the feature heat zone areas where more customers are concentrated taking as value the address of their profile.

Case study:  the company can have a quick overview of the areas where customers have more concentrated.


This new feature reflects the commitment we have with our customers and distributors to improve every day, adding features that allow us to lead the market Smart Business Apps increasing companies’ productivity and management field team work.