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Communication is an important aspect in any type of business, it is the key fundamental component for a business to operates efficiently and successfully. A lot of businesses operate well enough as there is a type of communication which is mainly commands coming down from the employees supervisor or manager and with the task being completed but through being obligated to.

Good communication allows the information to delivered across departments and the work is more productive and efficient, having a good effective communication skills within the business is an added bonus for the company is this deters any gossiping and talking behind peoples backs and also improves the overall atmosphere within the work space.

Here are a few tools that will improve a persons communication skills within a business.

Pay attention to nonverbal communication.

We all know that the majority of what we say is not communicated verbally — it’s communicated through physical cues like our body language and our facial expressions. Studies show that 55% of communication is body language, 38% is the tone of voice and only 7% is the actual words spoken.

It’s incredibly important to pay attention to nonverbal communication if you want to become a better communicator. Avoid sitting with your arms crossed, slouching or fidgeting and try to maintain a good amount of eye contact when speaking with others. When you master these tips for nonverbal communication, you’ll appear more open and your conversations will be more enjoyable for both parties, even if they don’t consciously realize it.

Listen more, talk less.

You’ll never be an expert communicator if you’re always talking and never listening. Being an active listener is one of the best ways to encourage open communication with your employees. When your employees know that you’re really listening to them, they won’t hesitate to come to you again when they need to talk about an issue.

Focus on truly listening to the other person in a conversation, instead of thinking about what you’re going to say next. Ask follow-up questions to show that you’re paying attention. When you practice these active listening skills often, listening, along with better communication, will begin to come naturally.

Participate in group communication exercises.

A fun and effective way to improve your own communication skills, as well as the skills of your employees, is to participate in group communication exercises. Communicating is not just about saying the right thing and you can’t follow a script. Real communication is all about improvisation. Participating in group communication exercises will not only help you become a better communicator, it will also help you and your team work together more effectively.

You can find a ton of team communication exercises online, such as repeating or following exercises, but you can also stick with a classic game of charades or even play board games like Settlers of Catan where communication and negotiation skills come into play. Whatever type of communication exercise you choose to do, play often and you’ll start to see a difference.

Great communication will not only help you become a better leader for your company but a better leader in all aspects of life. Whether you’re holding a company meeting, giving a keynote presentation, networking at a conference or maintaining your relationships with clients and customers, spend some time each day practicing your communication skills and all of your conversations will come out on top.



Internalia Group held an event at Molina Lario hotel to unveil the new corporate image for the company as the business has a new logo after changing the previous logo which they had for the past 15 years, the CEO and manager felt like it was time for the company to get a make over, a new design.

The event was held to showcase the new company logo and the corporate image. A select few were invited to be at the event and its was also published on Spanish articles, the launch of Internalia Group’s new logo indicates a new start for the business as a way to reintroduce themselves and continue growing.

The event was a way for Internalia Group to reveal the new logo and what direction the company wants to go in, which includes new projects and new markets for the business to expand into and grow its international reach.

The technology-based company Internalia Group, supported by the CADE of Malaga, has renewed its image to continue its growth. Those responsible for the same, Francisco Orellana and Gema Casquero, have brought together managers and businessmen who have over the past 16 years accompanied in his journey, both local and national and international.

The managing director of Andalucía Emprende, Montserrat Reyes, has shown her satisfaction for “being a direct witness to the growth of the Internalia Group”: “It makes sense that we exist, we are proud and we admire them, I believe that they represent the entrepreneur and the sensitive businessman , entrepreneurship is an attitude towards life and we want the traditional entrepreneur to be a permanent entrepreneur, as in the case of Internalia “.


Internalia Group has been recognized with different awards. Among them, the BlackBerry Awards stand out for their innovation granted in Berlin in 2010, the Excellence Award for Internationalisation
at the Andalucía Excelente Contest held in Seville in November 2015, finalist as the best business application in the UK, in the Appster 2016 Awards in London, and this year 2018, Gema Casquero, co-founder of the company, has been recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year.



what makes a successful manager? A question that is hard to answer and there is various ways to define a ‘successful manager’ with many different types of techniques and expertise required from different sources but all experts in management would agree with the main key fundamentals of what makes successful manager.

Seven Key Management Skills

A successful manager, one whom others want to follow, performs the following actions effectively:

  • Builds effective and responsive interpersonal relationships. Reporting staff members, colleagues and executives respect his or her ability to demonstrate caring, collaboration, respect, trust, and attentiveness. They depend on this manager to treat colleagues with dignity and respect, to keep his word, to exude integrity, and display dependability and character under even the most challenging occurrences and challenges.
  • Communicates effectively in person, print, texts, and email. Listening and two-way feedback characterize interactions with others. The manager is also open to receiving feedback from colleagues and reporting staff. He avoids a defensive response and is willing to change his behavior when the feedback is on target. But, mostly, he understands and acts upon the power of interaction.
  • Builds the team and enables other staff to collaborate more effectively with each other. People feel as if they have become more—more effective, more creative, more productive—in the presence of a team builder. She is willing to sit down and problem solve when teamwork or team tasks are not on target and working effectively. She’s able to let employees know directly and candidly when they are impeding the team’s progress.
  • Understands the financial aspects of the business and sets goals and measures and documents staff progress and success. This allows the team to feel a sense of progress, that they are reaching goals and exceeding expectations. People want to know how they are performing against expectations at work. Financial and other goals let them know. Painting a picture that employees can agree on is effective for noting progress when numerical goals don’t exist. Good managers understand and play the appropriate role in creating this picture, feedback, and communication.
  • Knows how to create an environment in which people experience positive morale and recognition and employees are motivated to work hard for the success of the business. Understands that she is the most significant factor in whether employees are happy at work. Her interaction with employees sets the tone for the workplace every day.
  • Leads by example and sets the pace via her expectations and behavior. She provides recognition when others do the same. She walks her talk. Employees know that she is the real deal because she says and does the same thing.
  • Helps people grow and develop their skills and capabilities through education and on-the-job learning. Brings career pathing to employees so that they continue to grow and develop. Makes employee career and personal development a priority in the workplace. Employees feel as if their manager cares about their careers and progress. This is one of the most significant factors that employees need from work.


Arguably, one of the most important aspect to a business is team work. This allows the business to function effectively, if the whole team of employees and employers work together and communicate with each other to get vital information across to the right person. But to get a team to work well with each other they will need to part take in a team building exercise to help the team members get to know each other and by making the team building exercise fun and enjoyable, to get the employees to open up and communicate.

Most people when they hear ‘team building exercise’ they might not be to thrilled because team building has had a bad reputation in the past as managers would force employees to part take in tedious activities but that only does the exact opposite and can even bring down a teams moral. But a good team building exercise breaks down the barriers between people and allows them to communicate and support each other.

Keep that positive energy going at the office

Most team-building falls flat because it’s a one-time activity – done and then forgotten. It’s key to find ways to keep the excitement going. The challenge is creating opportunities for people to connect and interact in meaningful ways, outside of regular meetings or presentations.

One way we do this is at our daily huddle. At the same time each day, the entire company assembles for a fast-paced stand-up meeting to check-in on major projects and celebrate achievements together. Beyond that, our people are encouraged to share their 101 life goals list with each other (we even developed an app to make it easier). Goals range from learning to read Tolstoy in Russian to walking the Great Wall of China. It’s a powerful way to learn about people and their dreams, as well as to generate ideas for future team-building activities.

How do you know you’ve gotten team building right? If there was laughter, a sense of excitement and accomplishment, and maybe a few Instagram moments, you’re definitely on the right track!

At Internalia Group the way in which we maintain a strong team bond is to do lunch outs with the whole office and to talk about subjects not relating to work to get to know our fellow employees. So in conclusion team building is an essential tool to get the team work to be efficient but if done incorrectly it can lead to more problems but if done right, it can lead to productivity, results and a great atmosphere.



Benefits of mobile CRM

Benefits of mobile CRM

Mobile CRM allows a business to operate efficiently and effectively, giving the business more flexibility on how the employees complete their tasks in the business environment. Furthermore, the customers will also benefit from a company using Mobile CRM due to the increase of organisation within the business after the usage of the app, customer can expect to see an increase in productivity and efficiency.

With the development of mobile phones and applications it has become more convenient to use a mobile phone for the work place, it provides companies with real time information anywhere no matter where the employee is at allowing issues to be dealt with swiftly.

“Mobile apps are not exclusive to giant brands and tech companies—they can be relevant to almost every type of company, from pizzerias to auto-body shops. Even if you don’t have a mobile app, your competition might, which is why you may want to consider adopting a mobile strategy paired with a branded mobile app. Push notifications, loyalty programs and mobile coupons can all be part of this mobile marketing strategy.

Innovations in technology are expanding not only what can be done with mobile apps, but also increasing their accessibility to a larger number of consumers. The development cost of apps has dropped significantly due to the rise of intuitive app builders. This newfound affordability has allowed nearly any small business to join the mobile revolution.”

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Why do you need a mobile management application for your company?

Why do you need a mobile management application for your company?

A company faces large amounts of information every day that are generated from its different departments. It is the way of dealing with this information and all this data that determines the need for change, innovation or mobile digital transformation in a company.

Here we leave you some points with which you can feel like you can identify with. If you experience any of these situations in your company, you need a mobile management application:

1.- You perform processes that take a lot of time, they are so tedious, and repetitive. They are like loops of infinite traffic jams that delay your work and productivity.

2. – You have mountains of paper at the end of the day that you have to review, and dump in your computer. Sometimes they even arrive with erroneous, damaged or poorly copied data.

3.- You do not remember who you spoke with yesterday, nor in what terms was the conversation with that client, who is claiming your service.

4.- You have no idea if the maintenance technicians have done the planned work for today. The customer is calling and you do not know what to say, because your operators do not pick up your phone.

5.- You have a lot of networkings cards scattered in bags, briefcases and jackets pockets. You do not remember their faces, or what you talked about with these people.

6.- Your salespeople do not inform you about the follow-up of the different business opportunities.

7.- Every time you have to make a balance, you spend a lot of time collecting documents in different formats (excel, words, varied softwares, etc.) that make it difficult for you to have information at the moment. It can take even days.

8.- You do not have a system of organization or planning of the work of your salespeople or operators. Each one carries his or her agenda on paper, and the clients served tend to overlap.

Actually, we could continue to list similar situations, but with the need for change, for mobile transformation, it is more than justified. Because at present, we are all dependent on our mobile, and we consult everything with the mobile, a super versatile and powerful tool in our hands to get the best performance, if we have the right management applications.

Because if we do nothing to improve, to innovate in certain aspects, we will keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Finally, it will be very difficult for us to remain in the market, if we do not optimize the processes. This will help us to be more agile, to establish strategies with more information, and without doubt, it will improve the attention to my final client.



On the 11th and 12th of September Internalia group was invited to take part in an business networking event in London hosted by Extenda at Hispana. The purpose of Internalia group attending the event was to showcase our product and to promote our business to potential partners or customers, during the event we managed to meet and exchange ideas with a lot of different and unique individuals from a wide range of industries who possesses different expertise in their respective fields.

Our newest intern Hassan Abukar delivered the presentation at the Extenda Event and was met with some praise and also some feedback to further improve his presentational skills, but overall our business and product had received positive feedback from other companies present at the event and also by the organisers.

We did a lot of networking and made a good connection with some of the businesses, and we looking to expand into the UK market and hopefully make some connections in England and we enjoyed our little trip to the UK and with luck we get the chance to come back to the UK.