Internalia Group held an event at Molina Lario hotel to unveil the new corporate image for the company as the business has a new logo after changing the previous logo which they had for the past 15 years, the CEO and manager felt like it was time for the company to get a make over, a new design.

The event was held to showcase the new company logo and the corporate image. A select few were invited to be at the event and its was also published on Spanish articles, the launch of Internalia Group’s new logo indicates a new start for the business as a way to reintroduce themselves and continue growing.

The event was a way for Internalia Group to reveal the new logo and what direction the company wants to go in, which includes new projects and new markets for the business to expand into and grow its international reach.

The technology-based company Internalia Group, supported by the CADE of Malaga, has renewed its image to continue its growth. Those responsible for the same, Francisco Orellana and Gema Casquero, have brought together managers and businessmen who have over the past 16 years accompanied in his journey, both local and national and international.

The managing director of Andalucía Emprende, Montserrat Reyes, has shown her satisfaction for “being a direct witness to the growth of the Internalia Group”: “It makes sense that we exist, we are proud and we admire them, I believe that they represent the entrepreneur and the sensitive businessman , entrepreneurship is an attitude towards life and we want the traditional entrepreneur to be a permanent entrepreneur, as in the case of Internalia “.


Internalia Group has been recognized with different awards. Among them, the BlackBerry Awards stand out for their innovation granted in Berlin in 2010, the Excellence Award for Internationalisation
at the Andalucía Excelente Contest held in Seville in November 2015, finalist as the best business application in the UK, in the Appster 2016 Awards in London, and this year 2018, Gema Casquero, co-founder of the company, has been recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year.

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