Month: Nov 2018


For start-up companies or a pre-existing ones, entering a new marketing can be daunting and stressful as there are many requirements and obstacles when entering a new market but the potential for growth and revenue are endless, so this is one of the main contributors to a business to enter a new market or for a start up to enter a specific market for that reason.

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when entering a new market as a lot preparations are required such as market research, product/service compatibility, competitors and market share and brand awareness. But with the right level of preparations from a business with things like market research, competitors, market value, product/service integration and target audience.

Prepare internally.

Before you begin expanding into different territories, you have to make sure that you have the internal resources to pull it off. Do you have the people and capital that you’ll need to expand into new markets? If not, do you have the ability to secure what you need? Expanding into a new market may seem like a great idea, but not every business is ready for it. Make sure yours is by doing an internal assessment prior to the launch.

Research the market.

Before you expand, you have to determine what your competitors are already doing in the new market. Are there any gaps in their distribution? Do you have ideas on how to improve on their marketing strategies? It might be a wise idea to talk to your wholesale distributor and see if he has any advice for you. Since wholesale distributors work directly with the retailers, they hear a lot of feedback about what’s selling, what’s not, and what customers are demanding. Tapping into this knowledge may give you an edge over what your competitors are already doing.

Once you’ve done the research on your market, you may find that customers in other territories have different preferences than the customers you already serve. For example, let’s say you sell vanilla scented candles, but have found that customers in the new market prefer fruitier or feminine scents. In this scenario, it might be wise to expand your product line as you enter these new markets.

Start marketing early.

Some companies make the mistake of waiting until the product has entered the new territory to begin marketing efforts. However, brands should always be proactive and start aggressive marketing campaigns prior to the launch in a new market. Utilize all channels including social media, billboards, television and radio, that are relevant to your brand. Keep the message consistent, and when you begin to work with wholesale distributors, make sure that the signage they use in stores matches your other branding efforts. All of this marketing will help stir up consumer interest and create buzz around your product before you even get there!

So in conclusion, preparation when entering a new market is key, as going into the market blind will cost you and your company valuable time and money and getting it wrong will set your company back and not only would you lose the market you were interested in going into you would also lose money as it takes an investment to enter a new market and if you do not have the capital to back it up it will cause a problem.



There are many ways to grow your business globally and the benefit of taking your company and making it into a global business are endless, the opportunity of expanding your business and growing are a key role in why many businesses decide to go global, as the business starts to grow there will be an increase in profits and the company´s outreach will inherently amass a higher value. Take the global corporate companies for example they have spent years of successfully globalising their company and brand, so companies have become so global that just their brand and name is known across the world, company´s such as Nike, Adidas, McDonald’s and Microsoft etc.

Going Global

Doing business around the world can seem a long way from doing business in your hometown. But each year countless small businesses make the trek. Like most long journeys, going global can be boiled down to a series of steps. Here are the six basic steps to going global:

  1. Start your campaign to grow by international expansion by preparing an international business plan to evaluate your needs and set your goals. It’s essential to assess your readiness and commitment to grow internationally before you get started.
  2. Conduct foreign market research and identify international markets. The Department of Commerce is an excellent source of information on foreign markets for goods and services.
  3. Evaluate and select methods of distributing your product abroad. You can choose from a variety of means for distributing your product, from opening company-owned foreign subsidiaries to working with agents, representatives and distributors and setting up joint ventures.
  4. Learn how to set prices, negotiate deals and navigate the legal morass of exporting. Cultural, social, legal and economic differences make exporting a challenge for business owners who have only operated in the United States.
  5. Tap government and private sources of financing-and figure out ways to make sure you are getting paid. Financing is always an issue, but government interest in boosting exporting and centuries of financial innovation have made getting funding and getting paid easier than ever.
  6. Move your goods to their international market, making sure you package and label them in accordance with regulations in the market you are selling to. The globalization of transportation systems helps here, but regulations are still different everywhere you go.

If a business is looking to go global there are a lot of objectives to be met and also rules to be followed, because the way in which you do business in your home country maybe different to how other businesses do business in foreign countries so you will have to respect their culture and their way of doing business and you have to adapt as a company to fit the business operations in that country.



On Thursday 15th of November Internalia Group attended a business networking event hosted in the green ray building where technological businesses came to Spain to either do business or find a partner etc. a few companies from morocco came over to Malaga to pitch their business to other potential partners or client.Business networking events allows companies to get what their business is about to other business which could include potential partners, rivals or clients.

So during this event Internalia group gave out and also collected so we have a information of a few companies we could possibly be interested in, the importance of business networking events 

is because it allows the business to showcase its talent and USP (unique selling point). A successful business networking event can mean a lot to a business as it can provide them with future opportunities  to grow their business and also the possibility to expand.

Valuable information can be attained at business networking events such as if there is a gap in the market for your company or if there in an increase in a specific market which your company has a direct connection to. So in conclusion a business networking event is an event that furthers a company’s growth and expansion and sets out the possibilities of future partnerships and potential clients.







Mobday18 is an mobile business networking event hosted by Internalia Group, each year for the past 3 years. Internalia Group have done these events to network businesses that are in the mobile industry and other industries. The upcoming Marbella mobile day event on the 14th November Internalia have invited some special guests who are experts of their respected industry to give talks about the industry and future predictions as to how the industry will change in the upcoming years.

previously Internalia group have hosted this event in Spain for example recently in malaga, and the upcoming event is in marbella, but here at Internalia we hope to continue to keep hosting these events and we can hopefully bring our event onto the world stage by hosting mobday19 in different countries. we have developed an app called mobile day which works as a digital business card, as you sign up and put your contact details in and during our event you can see who else is present at the event and exchange contact details to stay in touch or to meet up after the event to discuss a business proposal. 

The guest speakers at the event will include experts from industries such as cyber security, ELITE Coaching, Management and artificial intelligence, along with our every own CEO Francisco Orellana and Marketing manager Gema Casquero giving a talk on mobile applications for businesses.

click the link below to attend the event.

Marbella mobile day