Mobday18 is an mobile business networking event hosted by Internalia Group, each year for the past 3 years. Internalia Group have done these events to network businesses that are in the mobile industry and other industries. The upcoming Marbella mobile day event on the 14th November Internalia have invited some special guests who are experts of their respected industry to give talks about the industry and future predictions as to how the industry will change in the upcoming years.

previously Internalia group have hosted this event in Spain for example recently in malaga, and the upcoming event is in marbella, but here at Internalia we hope to continue to keep hosting these events and we can hopefully bring our event onto the world stage by hosting mobday19 in different countries. we have developed an app called mobile day which works as a digital business card, as you sign up and put your contact details in and during our event you can see who else is present at the event and exchange contact details to stay in touch or to meet up after the event to discuss a business proposal. 

The guest speakers at the event will include experts from industries such as cyber security, ELITE Coaching, Management and artificial intelligence, along with our every own CEO Francisco Orellana and Marketing manager Gema Casquero giving a talk on mobile applications for businesses.

click the link below to attend the event.

Marbella mobile day


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