On Thursday 15th of November Internalia Group attended a business networking event hosted in the green ray building where technological businesses came to Spain to either do business or find a partner etc. a few companies from morocco came over to Malaga to pitch their business to other potential partners or client.Business networking events allows companies to get what their business is about to other business which could include potential partners, rivals or clients.

So during this event Internalia group gave out and also collected so we have a information of a few companies we could possibly be interested in, the importance of business networking events 

is because it allows the business to showcase its talent and USP (unique selling point). A successful business networking event can mean a lot to a business as it can provide them with future opportunities  to grow their business and also the possibility to expand.

Valuable information can be attained at business networking events such as if there is a gap in the market for your company or if there in an increase in a specific market which your company has a direct connection to. So in conclusion a business networking event is an event that furthers a company’s growth and expansion and sets out the possibilities of future partnerships and potential clients.





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