For antivirus I use the latest version of ClamWin. By this time DOS was just an architecture which could not support the incredible increase in technology. I will use Windows until I can’t anymore, then it’s on to Linux. I wouldn’t say that Windows Professional was really gaining any dominance. However, with all the unofficial updates and patches by the members of this community, it has really prolonged the life of Windows and I still use it to this day, although it’s getting a bit harder in some areas. Windows replaced NT while Me replaced

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Windows Professional may be long in the tooth, but it’s still a good choice for older equipment. How did you get ME stable? You can still put a modern Web browser such as Firefox on it. While Avast 7 [unintentionally?

MSI NX7900GT GeForce 7900 GT (PCI-E, 256MB)

I wouldn’t say that Windows Professional was really gaining any dominance. One of Windows ‘s downfalls is the fact it lacks a wifi connector, so you need to either rely on an adaptors client to connect to wifi or use something like BVRP Connection Lite. But a lot of web browsers dropped support I belive for Windowsthere it isn’t a whole lot better than Windows ME in that regard. With some added software and configuration changes, it’s relatively secure. That was too fast of a turnaround for some businesses that were already on Windows 98 and had ultimately decided to sit out Pro while waiting for XP to ship.


I have been using and experimenting with unsupported Windows versions for years and never got hacked or wkn2000 identity theft.

I think Windows was a very sturdy OS. Windows Pro only lasted 18 months before Microsoft shipped XP.

When XP first shipped, it was slower than Windows Professional and more unstable. Yes you heard me.

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Windows 2000 Pro: Microsoft’s best desktop OS ever?

When I asked if a 10 year old operating system such as Windows 98 was still an option as a desktop operating system for business today, many TechRepublic members argued quite rightly that although Windows 98 wni2000 a viable choice, Windows Professional certainly could be. Not all hardware vendors embraced Windowswhich meant that older hardware would never run on it.

But I like Windows ME better.

XP, 7, and 8 were activation-addled regressions that added little new functionality and rearranged their UIs much in the same way as one would rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic. They essentially showed no regard for really maintaining Windows once XP was out.

ForceWare Windows XP/ bit

Posted May 13, Also, with lack of any recent support how do you keep it viable in terms of internet and software? Let us not forget that the UUrollup for provides many such upgrades. Posted January 17, edited. Now if you install KernelEx for Win9x, and whatever type “KernelEx” program for Windowsthen you’ll probably get more life out of each system. Register a new account. Inside the Raspberry Pi: Virtually no XP-only software or peripherals existed until Windows ‘s “support” lifeline was cut off, and Microsoft pushed out compiler tools that were specifically rigged to break compatibility.


I think that’s why even though Windows wasn’t so widespread, even though it was and in my opinion, still is, the most stable OS there is. So I can better understand Microsoft moving on I suppose. During the time of Windowssay within a two year time frame either before or after give or take you essentially had four MS operating systems which all came out at or around each other. Posted January 19, I would say that the whole NT 5. With as glut of OS the domination of marketshare was diluted.

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