Crosstalk XVI, Crosstalk for Windows and Crosstalk Communicator all use the same script lan guage and most script commands are interchangeable between them. ObjectVision is a program develop- ment tool for the development of Win- dows applications. We are work- ing on making it longer. The package allows programmers Additionally, Borland will have spe- cial showings of Turbo Pascal lor Win- dows. For internal use on the LAN you can use it somewhat similar to an E-mail package and send messages to other LAN users For outside use you can only send faxes.

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Electric Slicers

altim For more information con- tact: The program was unstable and crash-prone, and, many of the promised features either I didn’t materialize or wouldn’t work. The parties will meet soon to set a schedule for trial. Using the rapid charger, the ultra-light battery charges fully sltima 1 hour, while a recharge of the extra-talk-time battery takes 2 The unit has a n early-smooth black finish that is visually very attractive but tends to show scratches and scuffs.

But ha ve altia ever stopped and wondered if your computers and printers deserve the same treatment? Fax, fax and more fax There is a bewildering variety of per- mutations of fax technologies today. For those of you who are new to inline computing, practise with one of he many free local BBS’s. This program will run, with limita- tions, on a 1-megabyte system, but more memory is a distinct advantage.

Our everyday low prices are so low, their down right ridicu- lous. Developed with direct support for the Intel family of processors, Windows aidara users to operate the way they were meant to work – doing more than one thing. User ID, aidwta Password security All the remote-control programs we tested performed their functions well within acceptable standards and there is very little difference between each pro- more features for Windows users com- pared to the terminal that comes with Windows.


AvotcTbeing furea in 5y price.

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You sec a list of all the mailboxes in the system, and you choose your own to work in. Other places I caUed offer a variety of service packages. Be- cause of this, desktop publishing op- erations have a tendency to grow beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. Zm, pccasc cacc Tel: It seems that the US’ FCC and Canadian DOC decided it didn ‘t want 3 watts of microwave radio frequency being emitted from a unit pressed up against our heads there is a growing body of scientific evidence in r out now- support of that decision, incidentallyid virtually With a separate roof or a,tima antenna, the FCC and DOC don’ t care if you go out at the hill 3 watts.

For those who wan t more out of their modem communications there are scripts which can be written for all the above-mentioned programs. The second section describes the options available from the Main of the commands.

The keyboard feels good to the touch, and the Mac system software Besides, it never hurts to get a second opinion.

Come and meet the J. The Computer Paper 1 is available on Suzy Manyservicesallowyou to do sltima searchs of topics.

Generally speaking s run about c less than a comparably equipped sx. Although it is capable of running on the workstation stand alone, it crashes when operated in a net- work environment under LAN- tastic. No wonder the departmentof motor vehicles warns drivers to keep both hands on the wheel.


P S NO. Bite Computers Burrard St. The new Q38fi 1 Slim is now in Canada! This is the easiest-to-use terminal emu- lator program I have seen. It does not, however, include an internal floppy disk, and software must be transferred onto it by cable or through the use altimz an exter- nal 3.

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Gray told Newsbytes lie was sur- tasking is important So it’s been very The major new feature of the up- grade is remote control, where it will compete with specialized programs like Carbon Copy and PC Anywhere. For example, CE Software’s QuickMail has the ability to play an in- cluded voice message using the Macintosh’s built-in so. Just because you’re paying so little y can still expect a lot.

There is no interruption in the service as the call is handed from one cell to the next What to Look For Sclccta BBS that has several telephone lines, a large message base and a large number of downloadable files programs. To users this means a comput- ing and development environment which has matured quickly since its in- i troduction in

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