Now the CPU meter should start showing actual CPU loading and you should hear the sound processed by the plug in from your audio card output. There is no such option in this control panel. The product will be ready to use right after the installation. Do not open the pouch before you install the card. The dot means the bypass if on, and a small loudspeaker means the bypass is off. The signal level is quite high, clear and undistorted even at the maximum volume level. To avoid possible static shock to the computer parts, discharge it by touching the computer case or something grounded.

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Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. In the case of Cakewalk: However, Driver installation procedure is similar to other Windows version.

Prodigy HD2

On the right are buttons of the digital modes and sampling frequency. Users who are not that skilled can apply professional effects themselves, the demo packet supplied with the card has enough of them. This chapter only contains the basic setup for some of the software.

For more detailed info, please refer to the manual of the software. The second set includes settings that are changing frequently from session to session and even from instance to instance. You can always launch the Control Panel by clicking Prodigy icon on the system tray.


However, it audiotrakk give a complicated look since there are many inputs and outputs. If the returned product is deemed to be defective, the repaired or replacement product will be back to you at no extra charge via the carrier chosen by EGO SYS. Denis Zeltser maxiden maxiden. The Prodigy will deliver optimal sound for your DVD player.

Audiotrak Prodigy Sound Card Review

Prodigy Driver Software Installation It can be a good idea to offer good speakers for users. Input Channel – The list below shows available input channels or input channel pairs depending on selected configuration.

This is an error of the card’s drivers as all other cards supporting kHz e. Just click desired output number of the driver and drag it to the input of the driver you want to record the source. Creative Audigy Audiograk eX. Bypass simply bypasses the plug in processing, but the audio is streamed from input to output which is not happening when streaming is not started.

Prodigy provides high quality headphone amp. You will see the application window like the below. Preparation for hardware installation The Prodigy PCI card and other components in the computer can be easily damaged by electrical shock.

Monitoring of the input signals worked without visible delays.

This time the Prodigy7. Easy Driver Pro performs a complete scan of your all of the devices in or attached to your computer.


This driver available for the following operating systems: Internal connectors are two: If no folder is detected you’ll be prompted to go to application settings and specify the folder. If you would like to see how much it takes for buffer conversion simply check the bypass button.

Prodigy 7.1 HiFi

In one window you can choose one of four possible satellite configurations. When you use only one the Prodigy or other device was set as slave, you have to choose this mode.

That is audiotrk the Prodigy is going to make up for it by providing support of all modes up to 24bit kHz, though with a standard 5. Shorten plug in audiotgak in the list – If this option is checked, the plug in names that don’t fit the plug in slots list length are shortened to show left and right parts. If the streaming is on, it’s automatically stopped. Analog Output Specification 1 Type:

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