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Benefits of mobile CRM

Benefits of mobile CRM

Mobile CRM allows a business to operate efficiently and effectively, giving the business more flexibility on how the employees complete their tasks in the business environment. Furthermore, the customers will also benefit from a company using Mobile CRM due to the increase of organisation within the business after the usage of the app, customer can expect to see an increase in productivity and efficiency.

With the development of mobile phones and applications it has become more convenient to use a mobile phone for the work place, it provides companies with real time information anywhere no matter where the employee is at allowing issues to be dealt with swiftly.

“Mobile apps are not exclusive to giant brands and tech companies—they can be relevant to almost every type of company, from pizzerias to auto-body shops. Even if you don’t have a mobile app, your competition might, which is why you may want to consider adopting a mobile strategy paired with a branded mobile app. Push notifications, loyalty programs and mobile coupons can all be part of this mobile marketing strategy.

Innovations in technology are expanding not only what can be done with mobile apps, but also increasing their accessibility to a larger number of consumers. The development cost of apps has dropped significantly due to the rise of intuitive app builders. This newfound affordability has allowed nearly any small business to join the mobile revolution.”

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Why do you need a mobile management application for your company?

Why do you need a mobile management application for your company?

A company faces large amounts of information every day that are generated from its different departments. It is the way of dealing with this information and all this data that determines the need for change, innovation or mobile digital transformation in a company.

Here we leave you some points with which you can feel like you can identify with. If you experience any of these situations in your company, you need a mobile management application:

1.- You perform processes that take a lot of time, they are so tedious, and repetitive. They are like loops of infinite traffic jams that delay your work and productivity.

2. – You have mountains of paper at the end of the day that you have to review, and dump in your computer. Sometimes they even arrive with erroneous, damaged or poorly copied data.

3.- You do not remember who you spoke with yesterday, nor in what terms was the conversation with that client, who is claiming your service.

4.- You have no idea if the maintenance technicians have done the planned work for today. The customer is calling and you do not know what to say, because your operators do not pick up your phone.

5.- You have a lot of networkings cards scattered in bags, briefcases and jackets pockets. You do not remember their faces, or what you talked about with these people.

6.- Your salespeople do not inform you about the follow-up of the different business opportunities.

7.- Every time you have to make a balance, you spend a lot of time collecting documents in different formats (excel, words, varied softwares, etc.) that make it difficult for you to have information at the moment. It can take even days.

8.- You do not have a system of organization or planning of the work of your salespeople or operators. Each one carries his or her agenda on paper, and the clients served tend to overlap.

Actually, we could continue to list similar situations, but with the need for change, for mobile transformation, it is more than justified. Because at present, we are all dependent on our mobile, and we consult everything with the mobile, a super versatile and powerful tool in our hands to get the best performance, if we have the right management applications.

Because if we do nothing to improve, to innovate in certain aspects, we will keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Finally, it will be very difficult for us to remain in the market, if we do not optimize the processes. This will help us to be more agile, to establish strategies with more information, and without doubt, it will improve the attention to my final client.



On the 11th and 12th of September Internalia group was invited to take part in an business networking event in London hosted by Extenda at Hispana. The purpose of Internalia group attending the event was to showcase our product and to promote our business to potential partners or customers, during the event we managed to meet and exchange ideas with a lot of different and unique individuals from a wide range of industries who possesses different expertise in their respective fields.

Our newest intern Hassan Abukar delivered the presentation at the Extenda Event and was met with some praise and also some feedback to further improve his presentational skills, but overall our business and product had received positive feedback from other companies present at the event and also by the organisers.

We did a lot of networking and made a good connection with some of the businesses, and we looking to expand into the UK market and hopefully make some connections in England and we enjoyed our little trip to the UK and with luck we get the chance to come back to the UK.


We,re hiring!!

We are growing, and now we’re starting selling our smart business apps in Ireland. For this purpose, we need a new sales agent for the Irish market. So, if you are  a self-motivated, organized person with communication skills and experience in sales tech products, this is your opportunity.

irish-jobofferJob Description:

  • Search customers and partners for fieldteam management App for business.
  • Commercial sales, telemarketing and visit customers.
  • Get agreements with distributors and agents.
  • Marketing events to promote Internalia Group products in Irish Market.
  • Make a wide networking contacts in different events.
  • Social networks experiences (facebook, twitter, blog)


  • Sales and telemarketing experience.
  • Good communicator, customer focussed, self motivated and negotiation skills.


  • Freelance
  • Salary and commisions in relation sales.


If you are interested, please send us your CV to this email adress:



The 7 technology tips that will help you achieve your goals this year

The 7 technology tips that will help you achieve your goals this year

We have already completed 17 days of this 2018 recently released. In these days we have surely already proposed new objectives, new challenges, and even outlined a marketing strategy to get the most out of the coming months.

Undoubtedly, an essential task, if we want to meet objectives, and we want to grow.

To propose a good road map, we must use the right tools, and as entrepreneurs, we must count on new technologies as partners in our new projects.

Here we list the technological tools without which you should not pass in order to work in an organized manner and reach the objectives that we propose at the beginning of the year. For this, we have to attend to the different areas of the company.

1. Image of the company and communication

A good web portal of your company plays a fundamental role here, with dynamic content management that simplifies content updating. Also having a blog gives credibility and prestige to your company, and you can offer the best opinion and business vision from an expert point of view. Blogspot, WordPress, etc. are essential tools.

Of course, the RRSS are indispensable in projecting the image of your company on the network. You can communicate in a fast way and reach your target customer with a single click. The key: to respond effectively to the requests or possible claims of your clients in the network. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

2. Open your online store

If you also want to sell online, and expand your target audience to the global world, e-commerce is the most interesting option. There are solutions open source as Prestashop with which you can set up your ecommerce platform in a fast and convenient way with product management, shopping cart and payment gateway.

However, at this point it is more important to prepare everything related to logistics (stock, delivery, shipping and returns), so that you do not get a demand for which you are not prepared, since you open your business to the whole world.


3. Have your documentation organized

If you have a significant flow of documentation in your company, having all these documents in order is a fundamental task.

There are document storage management solutions in the cloud that allow you to simplify the organization and administration of your documents so you can quickly locate and classify them, as well as share them with other members of your company. You can save on paper and time. Google Drive, or Athento, can be two of your allies.

4. Organization of team work

Getting good communication and a good work flow among the members of your organization is the key to success. With this, you will get your team involved with the philosophy of the company and feel part of it.

Involving all the staff, who work inside and outside the office, facing a common goal, is the goal we all want.
Here, collaborative work tools that can be accessed from any device: laptop, tablet or mobile play a fundamental role. Cross-platform applications that allow work at any time and place. Calendars, task management, dynamic forms, instant messaging.

These applications allow access to information when it occurs, and the key lies in its agility and understanding by the entire team. They must be accessible solutions with real utility ( They are the most optimal solutions that Internalia Group proposes within this point.


5. Business Intelligence

The processes, resources used, sales made, customer management, cash flows, forecasts, statistics, company forecasts, deviations in terms of the proposed objectives.

All this information can be managed, and automated with just a few parameters.

ERP tools and CRMs that will allow you to automate the processes, the projects, to have all the database of your clients, so that making decisions does not become a titanic effort.

Eliminates unproductive meetings, optimizes processes.

Have objective information, that offers you enough business intelligence to allow you to take charge of your company, and make the best decisions. Business Intelligence solutions that extract information from ERP, and CRM to analyze it and offer you real statistics about the deviations and forecasts of your company. To help you detect what is happening in your company, and if there is a problem, detect it and correct it in time.


ERP: SAP or Microsoft Dynamics, and numerous Open ERP solutions on the market.

Business Intelligence: SAP, Microsoft Dynamics


6. Review your communications and systems of meetings and conferences

Review the communication methods we have in our company can be a strong point that gives us added value against the competition and helps us save costs.
Betting on VoIP Telephony solutions helps us to simplify the entire communication structure of our business, with customers, suppliers and workers. IP PBXs even help us to offer a more professional image of our company in the market, and the costs are much lower.

As for the meetings, we can choose Videoconferences that are much more effective, saving in costs, and unnecessary displacements. It is a super valid option that helps to support teleworking and keeps your team more cohesive. In addition, training days can be programmed in a more dynamic way. (Skype, Webex, etc)


7. Security

All these systems must be protected with a good Security policy. The biggest threat to an organization is the hacking and theft of key information and data.

For this reason, the protection of communications, systems and data becomes indispensable. Firewalls, encrypted communications, antivirus, backup copies, and secure access controls are the key points in any organization.

Make sure you have a good IT department that keeps your company safe, and if not, hire the best security company, be your technological ally, and allow your company to work safely, and be responsible for reviewing periodically the security systems of your company.

Working Day Suite of Internalia Group, Shortlisted in the APPSTERS AWARDS, on the TOP BEST 4 APPS FOR ENTERPRISE IN EUROPE

Working Day Suite of Internalia Group, Shortlisted in the APPSTERS AWARDS, on the TOP BEST 4 APPS FOR ENTERPRISE IN EUROPE

Our Working Day Suite App have been shorlisted in the Appsters Awards in the category Best Enterprise app. These awards have been celebrated in the Appsworld London, on the 19th and 20th of October.

Best Enterprise App” Apps have been revolutionising the enterprise, improving office productivity and employee happiness. This award is for the app which makes a BYOD policy worthwhile, gives sales managers peace of mind and CEOs greater profit. Seoul

Federico Roviralta, UK Key Account Manager

The globally renowned Annual Appster Awards celebrates and recognises outstanding performance and innovation achieved by companies for the latest developments across the mobile app ecosystem.
The most prestigious award for the mobile and app industry – hosted at Apps World, it is your chance to celebrate yours and your team’s achievements with all of your peers watching.

The panel of judges is made up of the leaders, the ground-breakers and the top brass of the industry. We appoint carefully selected judges to create a board that are best placed to consider and evaluate the impact your latest ideas have on the industry.

Whether that be commercial, industrial or simply just a new and ground breaking idea or app, our judges, investors, selected partners and experts are there to offer their comments on what makes you stand out from the rest.

Thiago Monteiro, Head of Mobile, Treatwell
John, Director of Mobile, TUI Group
Jeremy Basset, Head of Unilver Foundry, Unilever
Carl Whalley, Software Development Manager, OTAMate Technology Ltd
David Low, Lead Developer, SkyScanner
Denise Parkinson, Global Entertainment Director, Telegraph Media Group
Peter Robertshaw – Marketing Director, cloudBuy
Nick Thomas, Practice Leader Digital Media, Ovum – TMT Intelligence

Apps World is Europe’s largest gathering of passionate Developers, Mobile and Marketing professionals.

The only event to focus on the end-to-end process of app conception. From idea, investment and start-up through to design, development and marketing. Thousands of mobile professionals will gather in London to celebrate the most forward-thinking coding techniques, ground-breaking technology and most innovative apps.
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Working Day  Suite REST API: Officially Open to Customers

Working Day Suite REST API: Officially Open to Customers

A new REST API with a dedicated customers site and support community launches today


A robust ecosystem of Mobile Workforce Management Apps to improve the field team productivity depends on customers’ ability to  to get the most out of the data obtained during the workday and incorporate them into their internal processes. This is why I’m excited to announce that we have released our new WDS RESTful API, available today. We developed this API in order to offer customers a modern, easy-to-use integration method that allows for more flexibility and scalability, and increases application performance.

The feedback on this API from our customers who are participating in our beta program has been enthusiastic, especially for the clear and complete documentation we’ve provided that makes it easy to work with this API. The beta participants have written custom integrations between Working Day Suite and other applications to do some really exciting things. So far, our customers have created integrations to get Tracker locations, Forms reports, Schedule Task for Planners and Get Orders details on-the-go.


Internalia Group uses for easy-to-use documentation of our WDS REST API
So how do you get started? Read on.

Do I have access to the WDS REST API?

If you have access to the Working Day Suite product you can get access to the WDS REST API. You do not need to download anything new. You can go to Configuration-Enable REST API and automatically will set up access for your account.

Are there any additional costs for using the REST API?

No. If you have a subscription to Working Day Suite you can access the REST API. It’s possible that in time we may institute rate limits. We’ll monitor usage and keep the community informed of any changes.



Where can I read more about the REST API?

The REST API is fully documented with features, end points and data types, and you can access this information on our WDS REST API Documentation site.

Is there a Internalia Group GitHub account where I can find examples of how other developers have utilized the Working Day Suite REST API?

There is! We have a repository specifically for developing with our WDS REST API at the Internalia Group Software GitHub account.

Who do I reach out to if I have questions?

Please use our WDS REST API at the Internalia Group Software GitHub site. (Registration is required, though the site is open to anyone.) There you can read feedback from the developers who built applications for the WDS REST APIThere you can read feedback from the developers who built applications for the WDS REST API, interact with the Internalia Group WDS product managers and engineers who developed the API, and post your own questions and feedback.

As excited as we are about this launch, we’re just getting started. We will continue to add functionality to this WDS REST API based on feedback from the customers community, and we hope your team will join us in building new and awesome things with Working Day Suite.

We’re curious: Do you have an idea for an integration with Working Day Suite that you’ve wanted to build? Tell us about it in the comments!



OPTIMIZE BATTERY CONSUME AND SAVE ENERGY, being responsible with the Environment: Lower consumption, lower battery usage, lower ecological impact.

Thanks to the implementation of intelligent algorithms, the application can identify the movement of the operator; stop reporting gps locations when he makes a long stop in one place. This feature optimizes battery and data consumption is reduced by up to 60% compared to other solutions.


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New Feature Working Day Suite: Heat Map highlights the areas of greatest activity

New Feature Working Day Suite: Heat Map highlights the areas of greatest activity

mapacalorIn recent weeks we have been recalling some characteristics of the Suite Working Day’s products. Today we want to inform you that a very new functionality is now available: Heatmap.

This feature allows you to record the points where there is more activity among your workforce. All these points concentrate the most activity of the field team. This feature is available for al the products of the Suite.

We are going to explain this with case studies in each app.

FORMS: it shows you the areas where more forms have been sent. The geographical locations where reps or sales team send more information.

Case study: for technical maintenance service company: you can identify at a glance what customer consumes more resources and has more demand for care to the company.

ORDERS: it shows the areas where most orders are shipped.

Case study: a company can identify at a glance which area or which client is the one that generates more business to the company or is more profitable, which customer handles more orders.

TRACKER: it shows areas where users (reps, field team, sales force) spend more time.

You can see quickly where the activity of each rep is concentrated, or where they spend more time.

Case study: a company can identify the areas more interesting to do directed marketing actions, on one hand to increase customers, and on the other hand to retain those already has.

PLANNER: the application displays the planned areas where reps have more activity. And the geographical areas where the company plans the activities to be performed.

Case study: the company can organize best the jobs of the field team, and improve the distribution of tasks, depend on the necessities. This feature helps companies to have a great global view on the map.


It shows the geographical areas where the company has more customers. From the profile of each client  you can add gps location with coordinates or address on Google.

The map shows the feature heat zone areas where more customers are concentrated taking as value the address of their profile.

Case study:  the company can have a quick overview of the areas where customers have more concentrated.


This new feature reflects the commitment we have with our customers and distributors to improve every day, adding features that allow us to lead the market Smart Business Apps increasing companies’ productivity and management field team work.



  • More than 30,000 users of the platform Working Day Suite can protect access to the platform with Latch, that protects digital services and online accounts.

Madrid. July 14, 2016

The aim of this implementation is to add an extra layer of security at the entrances to the Working Day Suite app, so that, an user can block access when not making any use of the application.


Internalia Group, the leader in developing mobile business applications company, has just added in its application “star” Working Day Suite, security tool Latch, of Eleven Paths to provide additional protection that allows you to lock in an easy and intuitive way, access tnewsletter_video_captureo the Panel Working Day Suite, when not in use.

This mobile application, which helps companies optimize the performance of the staff working outside the office, with gps tracking, sending mobile data, scheduling and order management, in real-time, offers from today the possibility to its users in Latin America, Africa, Dubai, Ireland, France and Spain “take the catch” their online accounts in order to reduce the risk of targeted attacks.


According to Francisco Orellana, CEO Internalia Group, “We understand that collaboration between companies, is the key to growth, for this reason, we have added an already developed and tested worldwide solution to incorporate Latch as an extra security level to our Apps, thereby providing added value security guaranteed by the Telefónica group. “


How does Latch in Working Day Suite?

Latch is a mobile service that allows you to add an extra level of security to the accounts and services online. It gives users the ability to block online service when not in use by the user. To be protected against potential threats of phishing, users only have to match up their account from the Latch Protected tab inserting the code generated from the Latch application on the mobile device.

If a member of Working Day Suite wants to know how to get paired with Latch and get a second authentication factor can download the user manual.


About Internalia Group

Internalia Group is a company developing mobile business applications designed to optimize the performance of staff working outside the office. Working Day Suite, tracking operators, commercial and dispatchers with customized forms, orders and scheduling in mobility, is its flagship application, which has more international sales, distributed in Latin America, South Africa, Dubai, Ireland , France and Spain through a network of partners which include operators as Telefonica.

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About ElevenPaths

At Eleven Paths we believe in the idea of challenging the current state of security, an attribute that must always be present in technology. We’re always redefining the relationship between security and people, with the aim of creating innovative security products which can transform the concept of security, thus keeping us one step ahead of attackers, who are increasingly present in our digital life.

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About Telefónica

Telefónica is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world by market capitalization and number of customers with a comprehensive offering and quality of connectivity that is delivered over world class fixed, mobile and broadband networks. As a growing company it prides itself on providing a differential experience based both on its corporate values and a public position that defends customer interests.

The company has a significant presence in 21 countries and over 322 million accesses around the world. Telefónica has a strong presence in Spain, Europe and Latin America, where the company focuses an important part of its growth strategy.

Telefónica is a 100% listed company, with more than 1.5 million direct shareholders. Its share capital currently comprises 4,975,199,197 ordinary shares traded on the Spanish Stock Market and on those in London, New York, Lima, and Buenos Aires


Press release pdf here: NdP_ Internalia Group_ ElevenPaths__Global_12_07_2016_EN