Invalid file name characters will be filtered when editing a signal’s name. Corrected Capture History error. Correction – Fixed error in 9 channel modes when decoding long strings of ultra fast data near sample rate. The button in the Snap Column will change color to reflect the color of the currently selected Plot if a signal is using Plot Mode. Color Theme Selection a. The amount of extra padding varied with the number of characters in the field. The application’s Main Menu is accessed from this button.

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If the capture only included the transitions of interest, then the decoders stopped short of the last decode i.

DigiView Capture & Analysis Software

Correction – Bus waveform drawing Minor waveform drawing error when the data changes faster than the available pixels can represent. Auto-run sequences can be halted by a command from a plug-in or match criteria in an auto-search.

The active Waveform View is identified above the Editor’s Waveform Example and will scroll and zoom to match changes to the Example. Supports user developed extensions. Depending on Acquisition settings, Auto Search criteria and Plug-in control, each capture is saved to disk while the next capture begins.

DigiView Capture & Analysis Software

The Project Selections Window now has an exit button for exiting the application directly without having to load a project first.


The menu keys are unuseable and the instruction booklet is written in such weird English that it’s useless.

Disabling or setting a Bus or Channel to Ignored. Are you able to try it on a computer running XP? Create custom templates from a project. Added an option to hide the Title Bar of Docked Windows. Please make sure that you’ve entered a valid question. The frame of the window being moved will become transparent for better visibility and highlight 2 of its edges top or bottom and left or right that align with the closest neighboring window. While Digiview has always provided advanced Hardware-based trigger capabilities, configuring a digivieww trigger required dibiview the advanced trigger configuration method.

Override alignment management by using the CTRL key while positioning the window.

This seems to be the page for the sitronix drivers, unfortunately its difficult to work out which one you will need. Edge and Pattern triggers can be selected for any displayed signal. Starting with Version 7. Two waveform views are automatically created and always present Primary and Secondary. If the associated waveform was a sub-signal of another signal that had been collapsed, the sub-signal would not scroll into view until the parent signal was expanded signal became visible. September 14th, at 2: New Year honours Latest: While dragging a marker over a waveform, a visual indicator highlights the edge or position the Marker will snap to when released.


Choosing Projects a. I had another with an inline coil black tube shapeI used that and Bingo! The Marker Column can be resized directly instead of having to resize the column next to it Signal Snap column. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Goto End of Capture. Go Backward through Previous Zoom levels and Positions. The captures from these two models could have experienced time or data corruption. Digiviw only – Corrected the Hardware Buffer indicator.

Markers will snap to the Division Grid tick marks while dragging over them.

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Corrected DV Trigger Indicator on captures of fast or busy signals. Pvivax Today at AutoSearches also have the ability to halt the analyzer, determine which captures to preserve and which captures to discard based on the search result.

This also reduces the effort needed to associate values of the Marker Values digiviwe with their waveform, since this column is now beside the Name column.

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