Scroll down for the video and also text tutorial. Enhancing Cloud Services with Hybrid Storage. After adding the remote hosts, they are automatically discovered and added to the topology. I work in education and we are currently having issues with our SAN cluster. Redundancy – 2 Controllers. This process can be initiated from the local host or remote hosts. Server 2 Zoning – Fabric B.

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The first port is connected to Fabric A and the second port is connected to Fabric B.

The current Brocade HBA products are much more limited with respect to industry support. The single-port tests were run with only one port active on the Emulex card and the single-port Brocade card. I then tie it all together in my Fabric B zone set.

Configure Emulex HBA to Boot from SAN

Now up at the top, I’ve got two separate storage system controllers for redundancy. Let’s look at how this is going to work. BrocadeEmulexFibre channelEmuoex Lab professional mlutipathStorage professional alerts. In addition to the form factor required for tower and rack servers, blade servers often have their own special form factor, requiring a somewhat specialized HBA.

HBAnyware provides a handy description of the feature and the range of allowable values, which is a benefit to administrators who might need a reminder for the many parameters that can be adjusted. For this reason, switches in different sides of the fabric are not cross-connected to each other.


Viewed times Community Rating: Emulex HBAnyware arrives prepackaged and is transparently deployed with the driver, in the span of a few mouse clicks.

See the full May article at Demartek. In SAN storage, multipathing intelligence is enabled emu,ex the client end host. Servers’ access to their storage will invariably be mission critical for the enterprise, so we’re not going to want to have any single points of failure. ALUA is used by the storage system to tell the client which are the preferred paths for it to use. Each of those ports will have its own unique WWPN which is in the TPG, and the hosts will learn that they can connect to their storage through any of them.

We’re going to have at least two controllers for redundancy of our storage system, so our network topology is actually going to look more like the diagram below.

Both sides of the fabric are kept physically separate. The dual-port tests were run with the Emulex and Brocade dual-port cards with both ports active. Scroll down for nba video and also text tutorial. Server 1 is allowed to connect over both Fabric A and Fabric B.

Verifying the Emulex HBA driver settings on FC systems

The following tables compare the operating environment support for the two brands of HBAs. I also need to configure my Fabric B switches. TPGs can be used to control which ports initiators can access the storage target on. Brocade is fairly emulrx in providing HBA customer support, as their traditional market has been for other types of products.


Emulex and Brocade have apparently taken two somewhat different philosophies for the installation of HBA drivers and HBA management software. This was a simple, one-step process. The Emulex management software appears to be geared for efficient deployment and use in large environments, more so than the Brocade software.

We could find no public Brocade statements regarding qualification or support of its current HBAs by any major server or storage multkpath. After adding the remote hosts, they are automatically discovered and added to the topology. Emulex has a proven HBA customer support center with a great deal of expertise and history.

Hbba series of IOMeter tests were run spanning a wide range of block sizes for reads and writes. This process of manually adding the remote hosts must performed on each host on which ESCM has been installed. Brocade ESCM can be installed on a host that does muktipath have Brocade HBAs installed, and it can manage remote hosts by adding the remote hosts as described previously.

The Emulex technique of preloading of the entire HBA software stack allows system images to be taken in preparation for batch deployment to large numbers of servers.

Emulex HBAs have been qualified, sold and supported by every major server and storage vendor.

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