Everybody was moved to tears, everything was handed over to them by weeping men and women, who diligently searched out for everything,, such as cards, gaming boards, games of chess, harps, lutes,, cithers, harpsichords, horns, flutes, false hair, veliere a special headgear for women worn during that most licentious time-period , and dishonest and lust-inciting paintings and statues, mirrors,. The public system for debt recovery, built around the seizure and public auction of material goods, was sensitive to the symbolic mean- ing of this widening array of available goods. Paul Ewald and Ludo M. Their slogan was the following: Moelleken, Goppinger Arbeiten zur Germanistik , Goppingen:

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One of these palaces was the residence of the murderer but the second one Damit sei nur angedeutet, dass audh die verbreitetste aller Emotio- nen, zu deren Kultur das Mittelalter einen wesentlichen Akzent beigetragen hat, in ihrem Kontext noch ‘Oberraschungen bietet.

Katherina Martine was probably taking items that she herself had left in pawn. The outline of Zelivsk f’s sermon of that day states: If the defenestration of fnface not been discussed and planned two days before the event, then the references found in the Second Apology and the other sources could be seen merely as a simple legitimizing argument that is excuse after the fact.

Szlancsok, “San Giovanni da Capestrano,” To this annoucement Slavata and MartinickY [alternative spelling of “z Mar- tinie”] enfac white, then got back their color and looked at each other Such items had a known market value and were relatively liquid; it’s not immediately obvious that their seizure was intended as a public rebuke.

Do you want to know what happened in Rome when I preached there? Above all, it is not surprising that in the Holy Roman Empire, in all kingdoms and lands, in all of Christendom, and between the Turks and the Tartars, that they felt the evil and told and judged the indecency and penalties that members of the Bohemian nation from the two highest estates, noble and knightly, so shamefully never heard in human memory and in no chronicles of the world no such act took place and two imperial.


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Naturally this rewriting of the eface was contested by the victims of the raid, who understood that their best chances for success required that they persuade the court that the seizure really was theft and therefore illegal and dishonorable. Animosity toward enemy-creditors also surface in the form of countersuits for the unfair use of the legal apparatus for debt pursuit.

Those opting for public or legal distraint, how- ever, borrowed the force macle available to them through the apparatus for debt recovery enfacee by the courts of law. Just in this context of the connection between a person and his objectsan interesting passage in Einhard’s text may be found that shows, in my opinion, that Charlemagne also expected that his palace in Aachen would be plundered enfcae after his death.

Towards an Anthropology of Consumption, 2nd ed.

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At the Enfacd far Realienkunde des Mittelalters und der friihen Neuzeit, such research questions led to the idea of organizing a meeting of specialists from various fields of Medieval and Early Modem Studies. Enfce, IV Convegno storico intemazionale.

This decision may be interpreted as a Christian analog to the practice of Scandinavians analysed by: This latter was again the scene of intensive pastoral activity, four weeks of preaching, ending with a mighty bonfire of vanities,90 and this time the other aspect of his preaching, his sermons against the Jews, degenerated here into a real massacre.

Heir to the critical overtones of the prophets in the Old Testament and those of early Chris- tianity, enfacd problem of the regulation and the discipline of dress became a frequently discussed issue in late medieval Christianity. Mellbourn, Lunder germanistische Ebface 12, Lund-Kopenhagen: Svoboda,; Petraii, Staromestska exekuce, ; Jii’i Dvorsky, “Praha v ceskem stavovskem povstani ” [Prague in the Bohemian Estate Uprising ], Praiskfl sbornik historickfl X l A key feature of the public form of distraint is that, like the private form, distrainers rarely took money.


Dargestellte Wirklichkeit in der abendlandischen Literatur 9.

The Hussites demanded that thei11 fellow citizens who had been imprisoned by the magistrates for promoting communion in both kinds should be released. While I am aware of recent criticisms about the overuse of the concept “ritual”, I would argue that the defenestration of was clearly a ritual activity, and that considering the ritual aspects of the act can help us better understand the defenestration.

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Such actions show up in civil and criminal court records, where they are sometimes configured, at least initially, as theft. People did not keep a great deal of specie in their houses and debtors, almost by definition, had very little loose cash anyway.

NIV translation Let us enumerate now some data on how their public action led, on the basis of biblical precedents and enfafe lomg-term tradition of the criticism of “worldly vanities” by the Mendicant orders, 36 to the invention and the use of the bonfires of the vanities. Press, Perspectives and Dimensions New York and Oxford: Paul Ewald and Ludo M.

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In a classic example of this genre froma young nobleman named Montelhet Austria sued an apothecary, Johan Patani, for falsely claiming a small debt of fourteen pounds and fourteen shillings and requesting an order to seize items in security or seal the doors of the nobleman’s house. Erlosung – an den Tod – und versaumt dabei das Laben – und an Gottes Gericht. Men and women who en- gaged in acts of private distraint, by contrast, were typically interested in specific items that carried symbolic value.

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