McDuffie’s death was among the catalysts that led to increased funding by the automakers to continue research into basilar skull fractures as part of motorsport safety improvements, as adoption by sports car drivers of HANS had increased. But Demers claimed McDuffie examined the ball joint prior to the race and found nothing wrong with it. Junior Johnson always said “Give him anything he wants” Means was able to slow his 52 Pontiac a bit, but McDuffie, with no brakes, struck a tire barrier at full speed and went airborne. Comments on this blog 13 moderated.

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Book examines the life and death of Sanford NASCAR driver J.D. McDuffie – THE RANT

Racing was seldom easy for J. He did have an open face helmet, because I saw them take it away while we were waiting. When Don Rumple poked his head inside the garage stall there sat his driver gripping a borrowed torch.

But it just wasn’t meant to be.


Tuesday is the 24th anniversary of when J. Everyone wanted to help J.

By the time he arrived at Watkins Glen, N. Posted by Brock Beard at 1: Retrieved January 28, As a result, McDuffie skidded across the grass and hit the outside retaining wall and tire barrier with such force that the car shot into the air, rotated, and then came to rest upside-down.


You think this is the moment when I tell you how J. He picked the No. McDuffie was pronounced dead at the scene.

Book examines the life and death of Sanford NASCAR driver J.D. McDuffie

However, that event launched a career that saw J. McDuffie participated in a one-hour autograph session with Dale Earnhardt, then headed out with Burke and his crew to compete in a celebrity race at Shangri-La Speedway in nearby Owego, New York. Seldom did such men attract the wealthy sponsors or the fame and notoriety that racing held.

McDuffie will remain in the record books as the driver with the most starts and no wins. McDuffie was all of those things and more.

We would be out to dinner and they would come up and ask for his autograph and he would always oblige. Out of 27 years of racing he only raced 7 full seasons. Such resourcefulness was indispensable for J.

But everyone loved J.

When you look at the big fancy haulers that the moneyed teams use to transport their cars, you are not looking at anything like what J. His starts rank him 21st all-time as of September Jimmy Means instantly knew the hd was severe.


On the front nqscar of his website is a photo of his modified Mustang – painted the same shade of burgundy as the car he shared with J. Glenn McDuffie remembers Myers winning the race, but J.

McDuffie’s death led to changes at Watkins Glen and also influenced motorsport safety changes that would come to full fruition at the end of the decade. Deaths were part of racing and should be mcxuffie. It is now owned by Bailey Excavating in Michigan, a sponsor of J. He also raced 11 races in the Busch Nationwide Series with one top ten in the record books. It just might get the job done. Views Read Edit View history. They say that J.

At that time a single master cylinder was used; the loss of the front wheel mcdutfie in total brake loss. D was a master of dirt tracks his racing skill never really clicked with asphalt.

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